Congressman Cawthorn ~The Real Deal

by S. Abrams

It was an honor to have North Carolina’s congressman, Madison Cawthorn, speak to us at the Republican Patriots “Freedom Rally to Save NC and America.”  He may be the youngest member in congress, but after listening to him, he is amongst the wisest, possibly one of the few adults there.

He is an adamant defender of Faith, our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  Should there ever be another lockdown in our country or state which mandates that churches should not allow worship, he says stand against it, stand strong and stand together. 

When it comes to our 1st Amendment, the right to free speech and debate, he gave a great example.  He encountered AOC in the halls of Congress one day.  After a brief conversation it was easy for him to determine that she was no “mastermind.”  He asked her if she would be willing to debate him, and her answer was, “that wouldn’t work for me.”   He said, “it certainly wouldn’t.”  No doubt Madison has a great sense of humor. 

I found it very interesting when he spoke of how Republicans and Conservatives need to step up their strategies, to become voices to be heard.  We don’t need the left to like us or should want them to like us.  It’s our duty to use our freedom when necessary to offend and challenge.  We must be competitive and heard loud and clear.  Congressman Cawthorn urges us to pay attention to our Republican representatives. If they aren’t being attacked by the left then they are establishment politicians – Do Not Vote for Them!  It’s not their constituents they are working for.

As for our 2nd Amendment, he fears the current administration is looking at what is happening in Australia right now and would love nothing more than to disarm the citizens of this country.  Don’t forget, the 2nd Amendment isn’t referring to citizens’ rights to bear arms for sport, it is intended for protection against tyranny from our own government.  This was reiterated by Congressman Cawthorn.  When he spoke about the power of our military, I felt reassured.  We witnessed the disastrous decisions made by the Biden administration surrounding the withdrawal from Afghanistan.  Those decisions land squarely on their shoulders.  The men and women of our armed forces are the best of the best and always have been. 

Congressman Cawthorn wrapped up the evening with these as his top 3 issues he feels must be addressed:

1) Immigration; secure our borders now!  Arrest illegal immigrants and return them to their countries with dire consequences if they return.

2) Election Integrity; we must have legal elections.  He would like to see a forensic audit of all 50 states from the 2020 elections.

3) Law & Order; if you did the crime – you belong in jail!  An example he gave was Dr. Fauci’s bold-faced lies to Congress.  Lying to Congress is a felony.  It’s time to enforce the law and hold these criminals accountable.

I was beyond impressed with Madison Cawthorn.  My one last comment; his parents were in the audience, and I would love to tell them, Great Job!