Connecting the Dots… Dot 3  Is a Global Famine Next?

The total transformation of society worldwide is called the Great Reset.  Although Klaus Schwab sits at the helm of the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the Great Reset is his baby, he has an incredible amount of power beside him.  The United Nations signed a “strategic partnership” with the WEF in 2019.  The UN’s goal is to accelerate the implementation of the 22030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The UN has 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Several of the SDGs policies are directly harming farmers, ranchers and food supplies all around the world.  High-level Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members within the UN are helping to create the SDGs and are helping to lead the implementation of the global plan. China holds $2B of American agricultural land.

The Epoch Times is an international, multi-language news media company.  They are one of the few news media outlets that is non-partisan and seeks to only report truthful, accurate information.  The Epoch Times has interviewed experts that tell us there are very powerful corporate leaders who are working with the CCP on these SDGs.   Their goal is to control food production and eliminate the independent farmers and ranchers.  The UN-backed sustainability policies on agriculture and food production would lead to economic collapse, widespread famine, loss of individual freedoms and many shortages of critical goods.

This all fits in very nicely with the WEF’s plan to gain control over people.  It really isn’t about preserving the environment or fighting climate change.  Do you think the elites who belong to the WEF are truly concerned with the environment?  They arrive at meetings in private jets, they live in mansions that probably consume the energy footprint of a small town, and they holiday on their private yachts.   They are the most energy-gluttonous people on earth.

The Netherlands is among the world’s largest food exporters.  Look what’s happening to the Dutch farmers, they are facing a new environmental policy that wants to reduce livestock by 30%.  The farmers are protesting the government’s plan to cut fertilizer use and reduce livestock.  The extent to which their government wants to make these cuts will force many farms to close.

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte is a huge proponent of the UN’s “Agenda 2030” and its SDGs.  Rutee spoke at the WEF in Davos last year about his plans to transform food systems and land use.  The farmers in the Netherlands are up against a Goliath.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Rockefeller Foundation document from 2020 called “Reset The Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the U.S. Food System”.  This came out shortly after the WEF announced its “Great Reset”.  The “Reset The Table” document says that the American food production system must be seized, held hostage and reorganized in the name of “social justice,” “environmental protection,” and “fairness.”

US farmers are being destroyed. What is taking place here in our own country is unimaginable.  You won’t be given these numbers via our propaganda news media.  Between January of 2021 through June 2022, this has been happening.  Either destroyed, damaged or impacted:

  • 27 Food Processing Plants (2 hit by small planes)
  • 2 Fertilizer Plants, 1 Train derailment that was hauling fertilizer
  • 40,121,500 Live Chickens killed
  • 2,303,100 Live Turkeys killed
  • 185,600 Live Ducks killed
  • 10,130 Live Beef Cattle killed

Manufacturing plants aren’t accidentally getting destroyed in the United States. Destructive fires, like those raging across food factories here in the United States, have suspiciously become commonplace around the world.

More factory fires occurred in 2021 than any year in recorded history.

Nearly a quarter of the supply chain disruptions globally were attributed to manufacturing plants being set aflame, according to exclusive data compiled from Resilinc’s EventWatch.  Resilinc is a leading global supply chain monitoring and risk management firm that has been tracking disruptions at manufacturing plants for over a decade.  They created a War Room to track the sudden uptick of supply chain disruptions.

The company issued 11,642 alerts about supply chain disruptions.  This is an 88 percent increase in supply chain disruptions in a single year.

North America experienced 5,417 supply chain disruptions, more than any other developed nation, followed by Europe which saw 2,838 and Asia with 2,128.

What more efficient way to create a famine than destroy the food chain supply?  One last nugget of food for thought…Bill Gates is the largest farmland owner in the United States, 240,000 acres, followed by John Malone, 200,200 acres, and next is Ted Turner, 200,000 acres.  

Not one of these men is a farmer.