Connecting The Dots…Final Dot – 4  Control The Population

The strategy of the Great Reset is simple; control the population.  This control will encompass how people think and what people will be allowed to say.   The proponents of the Great Rest will not only control your money, they will control your access to it.  They will own and control everything, from physical property to intellectual property. The elites will be running the governments of all nations. 

Their plan to control people will be by means of using advanced technology and artificial intelligence.   I’ve never been a fan of science fiction, I prefer to stay in a lane which gives me the sense of control and reality.  Things I have learned by researching the WEF and their Great Reset have been way beyond what I ever could have imagined. 

Have you heard of, or familiar with 4-IR?  That is short for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  The first, second and third industrial revolutions were the mechanical, electrical, and digital revolutions.  The vision of the  4-IR would be my definition of science fiction.  I’m sure in the 1800’s the idea of man walking on the moon or the thought of a heart transplant would have been considered sci-fi as well.  A few of the 4-IR ideas include artificial intelligence, quantum computing, genetics, nanotechnology and the merging of the physical, digital and biological worlds.  It could change the definition of being human.  

These ideas and plans are all part of and supported by the Great Reset. Klaus Schwab endorses the developments which could connect human brains directly to the cloud for the sake of data mining our thoughts and memories.  Bill Gates is also a proponent of this ideology.  There will be no more free will or the ability to make your own decisions if they can merge the human brain with machines.

The layers and connections of this Reset look like a web that is spreading without boundaries.  In 2011 Klaus Schwab founded the Global Shapers Community.  The goal of this group is to indoctrinate young minds, people under age 30, and give them an active role in shaping local, regional and global agendas that align with the WEF.  The Global Shapers Community has more than 14,000 members, 456 city-based hubs in 150 countries.  These are their 6 areas of impact from their website

  • Protect the planet: reduce emissions, fight drought, respond to natural disasters, preserve biodiversity, converse nature, promote sustainable consumption, and more.
  • Reskill for the future: provide all people with quality education, skills and jobs to ensure no one is left behind in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, along with promoting new standards of work, digital literacy, online safety, among others.
  • Strengthen civic engagement: empower minority leadership, mobilize citizen voting, inspire youth to run for local politics and ensure representation in decision-making and solution-building at all levels of society.
  • Create inclusive communities: advocate for human rights and disrupt harmful stereotypes on gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, homelessness and more.
  • Improve health and well-being: achieve health equality, ensure access to health services, address the social determinants of health, advance youth mental health support and respond to pandemics.
  • Deliver basic needs: respond to local disasters, take humanitarian action, end hunger, fight extreme poverty, and more, to support the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Don’t be fooled by what sounds like humanitarian efforts.  This simply follows the current ideology of the WEF.  To “reset” the global economy involves increasing the power of government with the new social programs that support the left-wing agenda.  The Green New Deal is a vast regulatory scheme.  Everyone knows there is no such thing as sustainable energy without fossil fuels.  Their scare tactic of Global Warming is just that.  Does the weather change, absolutely, it has for billions of years.  Is man supposed to control the weather, hell no, that’s nature’s job and she does it better than any human who has an ego that thinks they can.

If this Great Reset is allowed to happen your children will be controlled by the elites running the government.  To these authoritarians it is important to indoctrinate them as young as possible.  You may create them, feed them and provide shelter, but their education, healthcare and future will be decided by the government.  I know how horrid and unbelievable that sounds to Americans, but it’s already happening in other countries.  There will be no community of religion or faith to rely on, that will become taboo.

Until I took this partial deep dive into the Great Reset I had no idea the depths of corruption tied to this plan.  I say partial deep dive because I am certain I have only skimmed the surface, and the dots I have connected, honestly leaves me very hesitant to look further.  The rest of the connections are up to each and everyone of us to pay attention to.  Listen to your gut as you consume the information available.  Let common sense be your guide.  

I think everyone has heard the saying “if it walks like a duck…” this is where that came from:

Emil Mazey (1913-1983), the secretary-treasurer of the United Automobile Workers for 33 years, said at a labor meeting in 1946:

“I can’t prove you are a Communist. But when I see a bird that quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, has feathers and webbed feet and associates with ducks—I’m certainly going to assume that he IS a duck.” Don’t be fooled.