Holding Our Breath

by: S. Abrams


Does anyone besides me feel like they have been holding their breath since November of 2019?  When does this end and what does it take??   Let’s hope it’s a peaceful resistance by the real Patriots of this country and not the result of what the left has up their dirty sleeves.

We have been fed an endless barrage of lies by our media which is nothing but a propaganda mouthpiece for the left.  Big tech is now their censorship police.  Many of our country’s largest corporations, including our healthcare system, have taken the deep dive into the insane depths of wokeness.

First we had a stolen election which was ignored by the now exposed Rinos in our government.   Then we had a  pandemic which included lockdowns and curfews, because between 10pm and 5am the virus must be extremely deadly, according to the scientific wisdom of Governor Roy Cooper and his co-conspirators.  The US Senate just passed a resolution to end the Covid-19 National State of Emergency (which Biden will no doubt veto), Cooper however, still sees no end in sight for doing the same because that would mean relinquishing his almighty State of Emergency Orders.  

What can the Democrats and Rino’s come up with next to be a distraction from the corruption they continue to foster? How about the possibility of a hot war with Russia?  On February 28, 2022 CNN stated that Russia has more nuclear weapons than the US;  6,250 nuclear warheads to be exact, according to CNN.  I take some comfort in knowing that statement came from CNN since you can’t believe anything they say.  Unfortunately, I have my doubts if it would take that many nuclear bombs to create mass distruction within our borders.  

I’m sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself…  They’re just so excellent at the art of distraction.  So, let’s see what they are presently hiding.  Could it be that the vaccine mandates are useless, along with the masks which state clearly on the box they will NOT prevent the spread of covid-19 nor keep it from penetrating the masks?  Is the experimental vaccine causing more deaths and disabilities than the actual flu??  Have you noticed you aren’t seeing or hearing from fraudulent Fauci?  As the truth emerges, little by little, he’s been slithering away with his three masks on. 

We know they would like us to forget about the innocent J-6 people they have locked up for over a year now without charging them with a crime.  They had NO weapons, they harmed no one, and we’ve seen footage of the doors being opened for them to enter the Capitol Building.  Tell me, who does that building belong to?  

I’ve not heard a single word as to when the Americans who were left behind in Afghanistan are being rescued. Perhaps this administration doesn’t have time for them since they are busy scheduling free flights for illegal aliens to be secretly planted around our country.  While they’re at it, they figure let’s make sure they have free food, shelter, healthcare and voting rights!  My apologies if that sounded cold hearted.  I’m really not a cold hearted person, I just don’t understand how we can let American’s, including too many American children, go hungry and live in abhorrent conditions on the streets. 

If you haven’t been distracted enough, don’t forget:

  • Looting is now acceptable.
  • Criminals’ freedoms are more important than the safety of others.
  • You must get jabbed with an experimental vaccine or your boss can fire you.
  • Elites are not required to follow the same rules as the peons.
  • Your children are in the peon category.
  • Education – what education? They have dumbed it down and taught how to be a racist while tossing out factual history.
  • There’s mass inflation everywhere, just deal with it!
  • Make sure you use the correct pronoun, if not you will be canceled.
  • Our VP, Ms Harris, thinks all Americans are morons.  Don’t believe me, just listen to her speak.
  • We really don’t know who is behind the curtain in the White House, have some good guesses though.

These are just my observations, but I think before we can drain the swamp, we have to stop the corrupt media from spreading lies.  We must allow the truth to be heard by everyone.  This includes pulling the plug on big tech, whose censorship has exploded our first Amendment.

It’s impossible to imagine what could be next.  Please pray with me that it’s not a nuclear war!  I have faith in the Patriots of this country and, most importantly, in God.  I also believe there are many more Patriots than there are traitors.  I can’t say election corruption will be fixed by November, pretty sure as long as big tech is involved, it won’t be.  Regardless, I don’t see Patriots standing down again with illegal elections.  It may not be pretty, but I think they will be effective.