An Evening with Captain Seth & Constitution Cowboy

Republican Patriots sponsored a Save Your Vote information session and rally, September 15, 2021

By S. Abrams

It turned out to be one of those evenings you wish everyone you know, and every North Carolinian you don’t know, could have been sitting next to you. 

Seth Keshel, a former Army Captain in Military Intelligence, along with his friend, “Constitution Cowboy,” aka James Charles Phillips, graciously accepted the invitation of the Republican Patriots Club of North Carolina to speak at the Freedom House Church in Cornelius, NC.

Seth is a statistical analyst.  He did a complete voter registration versus actual vote analysis of every county in our state. We were presented with very interesting information on how there are trends within elections. Some of these trends have been exceptionally reliable for over a century.  Where he found large disparities within these trends, indicates there were anomalies in several of our counties in the 2020 election.

After analyzing the data, he concluded that the vote total for Biden exceeded the expected amount by 257,000 (4.7%) based on North Carolina registration trends.

“Constitution Cowboy” is a constitutional teacher and motivational speaker.  James Charles is a Marine, a former State Trooper, and a man with a deep faith in God and love for this country.  While serving during the Second Battle of Fallujah, which is approximately 40 miles east of Baghdad, James Charles shared his experience of guarding the election site while Iraqi citizens voted in their first democratic election ever held there.  For several hours he had to evade sniper fire.  Years later, he found out the election boxes were never even opened.  The election was all a sham! 

Listening to these men restored my hope that our country can and will get back on the right path.  The last question that Seth answered was, “Do you think we’ll ever have a fair election again?”  He answered YES!

God Bless America.

Ro and Debi get into the spirit.
Voter registration and audit petitions were active.
Registration moving smoothly along.
A great crowd arrives.
Nearly sold out of ALL the T-shirts.
Seth Keshel on stage with 300 in attendance.
The Republican Patriots Team with Seth Keshel and the Constitution Cowboy.