What Did You Say?


by: S. Abrams 


Can anyone remember a time when there have been more new words introduced, or new definitions created for old words? I decided to do a search for new words on DDG (DuckDuckGo). I came up with at least 200 new words mixed with some new definitions of old words. There’s a simple explanation for this: Confuse as many people as you can with words they’ve never heard of, change the definitions of familiar words or phrases, make people feel stupid because they don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Voila! You have control.

There’s going to be a portion of the population that just won’t buy into this new language. These are the people who have an efficient BS meter. You aren’t going to fool these people with your gibberish. They will see through it immediately and call it what it is. But…then there’s the rest of the population. Sadly, they seem to fall for anything. I’m not sure if the cause is simple laziness, being apathetic about life in general, or sheer stupidity that allows them to be tricked by people who are evil narcissists.

Here’s just a few examples of some new, old, re-spelled words –

  • Hir – Used as a gender-neutral possessive adjective (his/her/hir)
  • Block List – An inclusive replacement for blacklist
  • Hepeating – When a man repeats a woman’s comments to take them as his own to gain credit or praise for the idea
  • Chestfeeding – Replaces breastfeeding or nursing an infant
  • Birthing People – Used to be just good ol’ Mom, Mother, Momma, Mommy
  • Dumb – is now a “bad” word to be replaced with foolish, careless or silly
  • Lame – another “bad” word to be replaced with banal, humdrum or corny.  

Obviously, who ever decided the words Dumb & Lame are bad words has never listened to any of todays top music hits or any of Cardi B’s music.  Joe Biden did an interview with Cardi B during his campaign…need I say more?

This is just the tip of the new language iceberg. When I hear some of these words being used, questions immediately pop into my head, like Birthing People?? We’ve even heard this one spoken on the Senate floor.  HHS secretary Xavier Becerra wants to replace the word Mother with the term Birthing Person. Do you suppose Xavier calls his Mom, “Birthing Person”? Just when you think you’ve heard the most ridiculous things ever being discussed on the floor of our US Senate, along comes “Birthing Person”. You can’t make this stuff up.

Ahh, but here’s the point behind it all. Keep people off balance. Keep people scratching their heads thinking, did I hear that correctly, am I offending someone by using the language I learned, know and understand? As the author David Horowitz states, “Control the Language, Control the Population”.

This strategy will undoubtedly backfire, after all, today you don’t even have to prove you can read, write or do arithmetic to graduate high school. You don’t need to learn cursive handwriting, I doubt there’s an abundance of young people who can tell time on an analog clock with Roman numerals. If I had to place a bet on who will come out on top of the Language Control, my money’s on the common sense, hard-working, intelligent, US Citizen who will very shortly say enough of this BS. If you are in the “hate America” group, believe me, there’s no one holding you here. If there’s another place you’d rather live, why aren’t you living there? Perhaps you can create your utopia with a new language in your new homeland.