What Happened To My State?

and how did you get here??

by S. Abrams

This is a synopsis of my story, and the story I see unfolding within our Red & Purple states.

I’m feeling profound sadness for what is happening in so many of our states.  Especially the states I once lived in.  I grew up in Minnesota.  Yes, winters are long and cold, but it’s a beautiful state.  Land of 10,000 lakes, the state bird is the Loon which has the most hauntingly beautiful song.  It was the perfect state for Obama to hide Somalians in.  The highest regions of Somalia can get chilly, but believe me, they never would have picked Minnesota for a place to land.  None of them had ever experienced a high temp of -10 with a -50 windchill.  I’m sure they  had some choice words for Barack!

There’s a saying in the northern plains, “Minnesota Nice”.  It used to be an accurate description of the residents.  Much of the population is of Scandinavian descent.  The people were hard working, neighbors helped neighbors (you could always count on someone to push you out of a snowbank), children were raised to be respectful.  What the hell happened to that beautiful state?  It hurts my soul to read about how it’s becoming the opposite of what it once was.  I do know one thing, it’s not the generations of families that built the state who have failed it, it’s the corruption of its government, along with the help of a very corrupt past (present?) President.

In my late 20’s I left MN, it was 1982.  My new state was so different from what I was used to I felt like I had landed on the moon.   Hello Southern California!  I don’t know if I had my head stuck in the sand at that time, but I didn’t notice any of the political craziness back then that’s happening now.

What in the world is happening to CA?  The only word I can think of to describe Newsom is “dictator”.  He joined the Biden Administration Club with vigor.  Not only is he requiring all students to be proficient in Critical Race Theory, he just announced that the larger retail stores must have a “Non-Gender” toy section.  Ok, tell me the truth – does anyone really believe there isn’t a difference between boys and girls!

Have you noticed store shelves becoming empty once again?  There are so many container ships hanging off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach waiting to be off loaded – why??   Because people are paid more to stay home and not work.  The trucking industry is being brought to its knees because of the high cost of moving product, lack of drivers and ridiculous restrictions on the vehicles themselves due to the “climate change oligarchy”.  Where’s our Secretary of Transportation?  I guess I assume addressing this kind of situation would be part of his job description.  Is it possible the ex-mayor of South Bend Indiana has no clue how to do his job?  Does anyone besides me question how someone goes from being a small, college town mayor to the Secretary of Transportation for our country?  That’s a pretty big chasm to jump in experience and knowledge.  I have my doubts that credentials are required any longer for positions in our government.

After several years, when our son was entering the third grade, we realized that California was no place to raise children.  In 1988 the Police had their own parking space assignments at the schools because they were called there so often.

California days are mostly warm and sunny, the ocean is mesmerizing, but I was homesick for four seasons.  I was out of my comfort zone in CA.  I actually had someone tell me that I was “hopelessly Eastern”, I had to laugh at that, everything right of CA is East!  Once we saw what was happening in the schools – we booked!

We headed back to my beloved four seasons.  This time landing in upstate New York.  The northern Catskills, surrounded with lots of green trees in the summer, extraordinarily colorful trees in autumn and the blanket of white I actually missed in the winter, a wonderful peaceful space.  There of course is a price that comes with living in that beautiful environment, sky high taxes!  Upstate New York gets to help pay (I think mostly pay) for NYC.  Although we lived in a very rural community with volunteer fire and rescue, no sanitation department, no police department, our taxes weren’t paying for amenities for us, they paid for these things and who knows what other benefits in NYC.

The politics in the state of New York are crazy.  You can almost draw a line across the state dividing the Red from the Blue.  Although probably three quarters of the land mass in New York is considered “upstate”, the population of NYC and it’s elite surrounding counties make up the majority of people.  Enough wealth to make it very Blue.  Don’t believe for a NY minute that there will be any illegal aliens re-settled in The Hamptons.  They aren’t wanted or needed there.   It’s Blue enough.

Now it’s time to think about retirement!  After years and years of working, raising a family, being responsible adults and good citizens, we’ve reached the next leg of life’s journey.  Impossible to retire in New York due to the high taxes, and really, who would want to stay under the crooked politics and narcissism of Governor Cumo?

We knew we still wanted four seasons.  Anything less than 100 inches of annual snowfall we considered a more gentle winter and North Carolina fit the bill!  We saw it as a Purple state, which was far better than what California and New York had been.  We knew there was a better chance in North Carolina to be surrounded with like-minded conservative people.  We aren’t on the fringe of politics; we just believe in the  Constitution, the amazing forethought of the Founding Fathers of this country.  We realize we have a duty to the Constitution to help preserve it.  It isn’t a document written to be ignored or changed to go along with the prevailing winds.

I think at one time Purple states were thought of as a pretty good balance.  That was back when people knew how to have civil conversations and debates.  Another thing of the past – have you ever tried to have a discussion with someone on the left now?  They’ve not only developed a new language, they’ve changed definitions to our existing language.

So, back to a point in my cobweb of threads here – where do you think ALL the illegal immigrants are going to be placed?  Red states!  The election corruption of 2020 was uncovered, time to go to Plan B.  Saturate the election districts with illegal immigrants.  So what if they aren’t legally eligible to vote??   What election laws??  I’m praying we don’t get beyond the point of no return.  If we ignore and stay silent about this corruption, then we’re already there.